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A Big Thanks to TinkerCAD!

So last week, one of my video tweets caught the attention of  @makermentality, who’s a Senior Marketing Manager at Autodesk (the folks who make TinkerCAD). After a quick conversation where I told her how I teach TinkerCAD twice a week at the day job, she told me she was sending me some swag. I was super excited! She asked my shirt size, so I assumed I was getting a shirt, but otherwise, I had no idea what to expect.

Oh, I got a shirt. And another shirt. And a hoodie! And a whole stack of TinkerCAD shortcut cards—which are going to be awesome for my classes! I was blown away, but they didn’t stop there… They also sent a stack of genuine Arduino Basics kits! These are fantastic and I can’t wait to dig into them!

So, THANK YOU TINKERCAD! You have no idea what this all means to me and the community I live, work and teach in! Stay tuned for progress updates from those Arduinos!

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