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About Us

3d tECH

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Mack and I'm a lifetime maker. Since childhood, I've always had a keen interest in making things. From plastic model kits to drawing and building giant bases for my micromachines, the urge to create has always been a driving force in my life.

In middle school, I was introduced to miniatures wargaming, and it was love at first play. The ability to take miniatures; build and paint them and then create battlefields for them to fight in checked off all the boxes on  my personal "hobby" checklist

Fast forwarding (more than) a few years and a rather interesting run of life choices, I've found my dream job—runing a makerspace at a public library. I get paid to learn and teach about 3D designing, 3D printing, laser and vinyl cutters, a soon to be built recording studio as well as a whole host of other creative pursuits. My days are filled with designing and running programming sharing my knowledge with the community I work for.

Throughout this all, I've continued my miniatures wargaming hobby and started to introduce a variety of maker technologies and techniques into more traditional hobby methods. In doing so, I discovered a lack of resources for combining making and wargaming.

With that in mind, I decided to start "Mack the Maker" and combine my two passions together: making and gaming.  I'll be teaching and demonstrating a whole slew of techniques geared towards introducing more technology into the miniature wargaming world!

Thanks for visiting!