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I just keep coming up with the most fascinating subject material…

In our quest to learn 3D design, the humble crate is another common terrain table staple that’s handy and easily printable. Crates give us a lot of leeway in what we can design, what scales we can design for (multiple at once!) and creating ‘building blocks’—making a basic design, copying it, and modifying the copies.  Unlike shipping containers (spoiler: an upcoming project!) which seem to come in standard sizes, crates come in all manners of sizes and shapes! So rather than trying to keep a specific size in mind, we can go straight to the details! And bonus, if you avoid doing any “scale” features, such as wood planks or handles, you can use crates for a variety of scales! A small crate for 40K is a large one for Flames of War, for example.

All in the Details:

Crates come in all different shapes and sizes, but I think when most people think “crate” they think of something like this:

And that’s basically where we’ll start the design, but you literally can’t go wrong making a cube-shaped crate.

I actually like the flush sided crates the best, as they have no sizing indicator for scale. They can also the most boring, although you could spruce them up with some transfers or stencils.  So it really depends on what you’re looking to get out of it.

You can add a single reinforcement board on each side (except the bottom) to look like a slash (/) or you can do two, to get an X.  You can also do the impression of fork pockets (like in my first video), as well as board impressions for the sides. However, this will all give the crate an impression of scale that may make it look out of place.

Building Blocks:

One of the things we’ll cover in the video is making a basic crate, and duplicating and modifying it to make other crates. And then those duplicates can be modified, etc. It’s a really quick way to give us a lot of variety from not a lot of work. Stay tuned for the video!


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