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Learning 3D Design for Wargaming Part 1: Designing Jersey Barriers with TinkerCAD

My first video is up! In it, we cover learning  TinkerCAD to design some 28mm wargaming barriers. Well, like 1/40 scale, as that tends to fit with Warhammer 40k models a *bit* better (28mm is actually 1/56 scale). I went with the Jersey Barrier for my first subject for a few reasons: 1) it’s fairly easy to do in TinkerCAD while still allowing me to teach a lot of the program features. 2) It’s an easy print, limited overhangs help ensure a successful print. Plus the FDM striations work with the concrete impression. 3)It’s an incredibly useful piece of scatter terrain that allows for a multitude of in-game uses.

On the bottom of this page is the dimensions for the barrier in most of the popular wargaming scales along with a key of what goes where.

The video is a bit longer than I would have liked at 41 minutes, but I’m assuming the viewer has absolutely no experience with TinkerCAD.

A brave Imperial Guardsman faces off against an Ork Boy while behind a Jersey Barrier


A size comparison of the Primaris marine against a Space Marine Scout and the Jersey Barrier.
The sizing key for the Jersey Barrier in scale.

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