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Mack’s Hacks: Keeping Your Hobby Knife Where You Left It

In honor of Labor Day, this Mack’s Hacks will be a quick and easy one—saving me labor.

Most of us use some variation of an X-Acto knife as our hobby knife, you know; round handle and a triangular razor blade. Most are probably not actually X-Acto brand, but that’s the brand most people associate with it.

You know, this thing.

If you’ve used one of these for any period of time, the chances of it rolling off your workplace and frighteningly close to your leg are high.  Hopefully, it never went into your leg, foot or any other appendage.

For some reason, I simply took potentially being impaled by a very sharp knife as a part of the hobby—but fear not hobby brothers and sisters, there is hope!

It was one of those things that when I saw it, I marveled at how obvious it was, and how dumb I had been for all those years.

Zip ties solve a lot of problems.


Simply place a small zip tie on the end of the knife, cut off the excess and your knife will be staying exactly where you leave it!


A bit anticlimactic, isn’t it?


Happy Labor Day!

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