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Mack’s Move!

If you’ve kept up with any of our social media, you’ll know we’ve undertaken a pretty serious move. When Mrs. Mack was offered a teaching job in Arizona, we thought hard on the opportunity. The winters had been hard these past few years in northern Illinois, and my seasonal depression was getting worse every year. Not the mention Illinois isn’t in the greatest financial shape right now and trying to buy a house meant at least three to four hundred dollars a month in property taxes for a fixer-upper.

However, leaving a place you’ve lived in most of your adult life isn’t easy, and saying goodbye to family, friends, and coworkers was not a task to be taken lightly.  I would be giving up a fantastic job at the library running a makerspace and working with some truly amazing people.

It would be, however, the perfect opportunity to take Mack The Maker full-time (or at least mostly full-time). No more running out of my basement (not something they have in Arizona) and garage. It also means I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the household utilities.  That said, I wouldn’t need to work around our washer and dryer and try to make everything work in an inefficiently laid out space (at least for my needs). I could also get a larger laser cutter—between trying to get it down the basement stairs or setting up a heating set-up for the garage, it just wasn’t something that could be done in IL.

So, here we are! As all moves go in general, and especially trans-continental moves (1800 miles/2900 km) there were more than a few complications—including still waiting for the movers to arrive with all our stuff (both family and the business’!)—but we’re here, Mack The Maker has a shop and everything can only go up from here. So, were still a bit from being up a running (not having any equipment and all that) but when we are, expect big things! There are pages of ideas I’ve written down that I could never get to before but are ripe for the taking now!

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