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Movement Trays

With a new edition of Warhammer 40K out, it offers a variety of opportunities for game aids and accessories, while taking some old favorites away.
Gone now is the scatter dice and damage template—a change in gameplay leaving them behind in favor a new dice mechanic. With that change, however, we no longer need to space our models out on the table in order to minimize the potential damage from a flamer or accurate artillery strike. Due to that change, the ability to place our models into movement trays for quick and easy deployment has not only become possible but in a tournament environment, almost mandatory! Now you can move your entire squad in the same amount of time it took to move a single model.
While there already exists laser-cut MDF movement trays for 25mm and 32mm round bases, I’ve not seen yet (though I’m sure that’ll change 🙂 ) any like our design. Modeled after the standard tapered base aesthetic, our trays are designed to take a minimum of room and be as unobtrusive as possible.

One of the oddest challenges of this product was the inconsistent base sizes. The 25mm base has been in production since at least the mid-1980s, by GW and a multitude of other companies. And all these different companies and even production runs had slightly different take on a what 25mm means. I grabbed 10 different miniatures with 25mm bases and they ranged from 23-26mm. And I’m sure there are some out there that fall on either end of that sample set.
I wanted the models to sit snuggly in the tray (so they just wouldn’t plop over) but I also wanted the bases to fit, so I went a bit big, but not too much, and out of a few hundred sold, I’ve not had any problems—knock on wood.

I’ve since moved from simply doing movement trays, to improving some of the standard bases, such as the ones used for Warhammer 40K’s Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon teams:

Two variations, one with a single cut out for a 25mm base, and one with two. the concept behind these were to allow you to stretch out your Heavy Weapon Teams. You get 5 weapons in the box, but not enough troopers to man them all, so with these, you can use some of your standard troopers and just put them into the HWT base. They also work as a wound tracker! I’ll also be doing some tripods and gun shields to help players maximize the value out of the Heavy Weapons Team box.

This next base comes from a disaster—my Forge World Vulture’s stem on the flying base broke off and sent the model crashing toward the ground. The damage wasn’t too bad, but it made me really look at that base. I’ve always hated it, super gluing the clear plastic flight stem to the top of the slightly uneven base never seemed like a great idea to me. The bond was never that great, and the clear plastic fogged up from the super glue.

I made a cut-out inside the base, allowing you to press the clear stem into the base, allowing for a much stronger bond, and ensuring your flyer won’t try to crash on its own. You still have to use GW’s flight stem, but I’ll be looking into getting some as well to sell with the base. I also added a d20 wound tracker to help you keep track of your flyers wounds! The base is available with and without the dice holder.

To look at all of our products—including over 10 varieties of 25 and 32mm movement trays— head over to the shop!

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