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The Road to Adepticon: Part the First

[Please note this was originally published at on the forums this past April. I’ll be updating from here after this post]

So, for Adepticon* 2018 we’ve** decided to build up a pretty badass terrain table for our Big Alpha Strike game. It’s going to be loosely*** based on the dropport battle in Loren Coleman’s novel “End Game”.  So for the next not-quite year y’all are going to watch the (slow) process of me designing and building a table that will have some pretty unique elements.

What kind of unique elements? Well here’s a pretty quick list:
1-3 Mechscale dropships. And not Leopards, either.
Custom buildings, roadways and a drop port.
A mountain. Ok, ok, a craggy hill.
Lots of cussing and sleepless nights.
A crap ton of mechs.
A statue of Hanse Davion (ok, well that might be a stretch)
BattleTech related cosplay****

How will this all be done? Well, the board itself will be done fairly traditionally, but a lot of the other elements will be done with 3D printers and laser cutters. My day job is running a makerlab, so I get to play with some pretty cool toys. Plus I own a pretty bitchin’ 3D printer myself that can print a mechscale union as a single piece*****.

So in the next few days I’ll be posting some layout sketches to try to translate what we’ve got from the book cover (not much  there except Victor’sPrometheus)and what’s written in the book, to a board that will be fun to play and has a solid aesthetic to it.
I’ll also be posting some pictures of me cleaning up some digital files in order to print, as well as the actual printing of the models. I’ll also be asking for suggestions and feedback on stuff.
I’m sure as we progress, other members of the Adepticon BattleTech crew will also post here and discuss things as well as “show and tell”.

It’s going to be a blast!

*If you’re not familiar with Adepticon, it’s a spring miniature wargaming convention in Chicago. It’s an amazing, world-class convention and if you get a chance, you should visit. And sign up to play BattleTech.
** The fantastic crew of Chicago and Canadian Demo Agents, and whatever the heck I am.
***Seriously, you’ve read the BattleTech books, they’re not really scenario friendly narratives.
****Not technically related to the terrain, but I’ll be designing and building it at the same time.
*****I wouldn’t actually build it as a single piece, the supports would be a nightmare.

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